Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ Is Officially Highest Certified Song in RIAA History

Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ Is Officially Highest Certified Song in RIAA History

Written on 01/11/2021
Estefania De La Torre

After nearly 2 years since its release, the country-rap song “Old Town Road” is still breaking records.

What We Know:

  • “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X was first released back in December of 2018. After gaining immense popularity on social media, the single was re-released in March of 2019 with a remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus. A slew of other remixes, including features from Young Thug, BTS, Lil Wayne, and Diplo, soon followed.
  • Now, Billboard has announced that the remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus has become the highest certified song ever by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The song has reached 14-times platinum status in the U.S. and moving 14 million in equivalent song units.
  • Both artists expressed their excitement on Twitter last Saturday. Billy Ray Cyrus tweeted, “Incredible. I’m speechless. #OTR is now 14x platinum and the most certified song in music history.” Lil Nas celebrated by posting a meme of himself in Nancy Pelosi’s office using a photo from the Capitol riot on Wednesday, writing, “OLD TOWN ROAD IS OFFICIALLY 14 TIMES PLATINUM! MOST PLATINUMS FOR ANY SONG EVER! LETS GOOO!”

  • Since the release of his most iconic song, Lil Nas X took a short break from making music but has since returned. His newest song ‘Holiday’ has just been released and is believed to be just one single off his upcoming album. The young artist has released his first children’s book C is for Country, which dropped last week.

Congratulations Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus!