Vogue’s Kamala Harris Cover Shoot Draws Unsavory Reviews On Social Media

Vogue’s Kamala Harris Cover Shoot Draws Unsavory Reviews On Social Media

Written on 01/12/2021
Rebecca Eugene

On January 10, 2021, Vogue Magazine announced Vice president-elect Kamala Harris will be on the cover for the February issue.

What We Know:

  • Fans of both harris and the magazine were very disappointed with photographs taken and highlighted a pattern that the magazine constantly lacks effort when the cover features a woman of color. One Twitter user wrote, “Anyone shocked by the poor quality of Kamala’s Vogue cover hasn’t paid attention to Anna Wintour’s bullshit w/people of color. It spans decades. Team Kamala should’ve known better…” 
  • Many felt the images did not live up to the expectations of the magazine that have captured beautifully showcased celebrities and politicians before. Fans were upset with the color contrasts and fashion choices made for Harris calling it “poor quality” and a “washed-out mess.”
  • Washington Post critic Robin Givhan wrote, “The cover did not give Kamala D. Harris due respect. It was overly familiar. It was a cover image that, in effect, called Harris by her first name without invitation…. In using the more informal image for the print edition of the magazine, Vogue robbed Harris of her roses.”
  • Yashar Ali, a writer for New York Magazine, wrote a tweet saying the pictures shown will not be the real cover.

Vogue did release a statement, ” “The team at Vogue loved the images Tyler Mitchell shot and felt the more informal image captured Vice President-elect Harris’s authentic, approachable nature — which we feel is one of the hallmarks of the Biden/Harris administration.” Harris’s team has not commented on what happened.