BossFM Open Call

BossFM is looking for personalities, producers, board ops, interns and social media fanatics to join our digital team!  For radio, we are looking for the latter to work within the following genres/open formats: Hip-Hop/R&BRapTALK (Entertainment, Politics x Social Issues), Indie/Underground

This call will also be open for aspiring TV professionals.  Please complete this form in it's entirety.   Our team will only contact individuals that have completed the entire form.  There is no need to apply on our corporate website after you've completed this form.

Accepted applicants will receive notification via the listed email (please ensure there are no typos).  This open call will be hosted online via the Unmutedco Web interface.


  • Laptop/Personal Computer
  • Webcam
  • Microphone 
  • Internet Access

You will achieve the most success with the above items.  Technical guidance will be provided, no technical support will be available.

Please include a number that can receive text messages (updates from our team, scheduling). No promotional messages will be sent to you.
Please use @username format, no URL required
Please use @username format, no URL required
Only use this option if you have a Public/Fan page on FB. Do not share your private page, even if you are currently using it to promote.
Please only select the primary function you are interested in. During the open call process you will be able to share other interests.
Please select preferred formats you would like to work with.
Select the time frame in which you are most available. This will not be used for the open call but will be considered if you are selected for a role. For the purposes of this form, all times are EST.
Please select all that apply.
If there's anything we should know about your availability, please tell us here. If you have nothing, just enter "N/A"
This includes any time spent in internships, externships or apprenticeships.
Be honest. We offer coaching.
Include links to any airchecks, video reels, interviews or content that you'd like to share with our team. Please provide passwords to password protected content, our team will not reach out for passwords that are not included. You may include up to 10 links.